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All Galaxy Access systems across the Southeastern states are serviced promptly and with on site welding or fabrication repairs when possible.

If you have any questions about gates, fences, security systems or maintenance packages, contact a Galaxy Access Systems representative today!

Digital Surveillance Equipment

A vital part of surveillance is to use state of the art, up to date technology, in digital surveillance equipment. Not only does it maintain a visual of necessary locations, if used correctly, can provide factual information; therefore assisting insurance claims, which can result in a quick turnaround for insurance compensation.

Digital recordings can also be used in a court of law, if a crime has occurred, possibly saving your company, or personal reputation from legal responsibility or claim.

Other Services
Remote Transmitter
& Access Devices

Each and every automated gating system is only as dependable as the devices which monitor and control entry. At Galaxy Access Systems we use the most technically advanced, sophisticated, and reliable access devices and remote transmitters in our industry.

Whether entry is monitored by telephone access, access codes, access control cards, or transmitters, we provide the most reliable operators and user-friendly systems available in our industry.

Galaxy’s Maintenance
& Repair Services

Galaxy Access Systems provides products, service, and maintenance packages, throughout most areas of the United States.

Galaxy Access provides the following repair services:
– Customized maintenance agreements and bill work services
– Service for all major brands of equipment
– Prompt, fast response on all service calls
– On-site welding and/or fabrication repairs
– Remote technical services for digital recorders offered over the internet.


For Galaxy Access Systems provides top notch technology; utilizing state of the art equipment.

Our sales professions can assist in tailoring your property. Please contact us with questions, or a request for proposal.

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